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Everyone, confronted with the risk of getting injured, either professional or leisure wise, will highly benefit from our protective product line. Examples of applications are: stunts, extreme sports, martial arts, free running / parcour, team sports, rock climbers, cyclists, stage and screen combatants, actors and many more.

Basically all situations where the "rigid" or "bony" parts of the body can be confronted with impact. Because these parts of the body always stick out and do not have a "soft" barrier like muscles or fat to reduce the impact, they will suffer the most damage and should be protected.

Impact protection has traditionally been provided with bulky, rigid protection. This is not ideal as it forces a compromise between the amount of protection you can accept and the freedom of movement you can enjoy. JJE Resources was looking for a more flexible and less bulky solution thus we developed a protective clothing line which is specifically designed to wear underneath your clothes.